Policies are in place to protect the community, members & employees. Faith and trust in every individual doing the right thing when attending the club is crucial to the safety and well being of everyone.
The policies below are for the protection of everyone.
Please understand we are living with constant change.
Change that is difficult to adapt to for staff, patrons and the greater community.
Take care and stay safe. ❤️ 💙
Update on Gallipoli Legion Club Covid Policy:
* Sanitise on arrival - Sanitise Stations are in place around the
* Hygiene Marshalls to guide patrons on rules & regulations
* Increased cleaning schedules
* Social Distance Markers & Signage to assist with compliance
* Members only permitted to ground floor service area
* Ground floor capacity 75 patrons
* NO New Memberships accepted at this time
* Patrons must remain seated while consuming food and
* NO Standing or mingling among tables or groups
* NO Entry for anyone residing from Victoria, South of The
Hawkesbury River or Port Stephens
* Feeling unwell stay at home
* Cashless transactions preferred
* Any Members who have visited the high alert venues to isolate,
get tested and DO NOT visit The Club until returned
negative test results
* Any members who have travelled to Sydney, Port Stephens or
other hot spots or who have come into contact with anyone
who has visited these areas stay at home, get tested and DO
NOT visit The Club until returned negative test results
* Live Music Sunday Sessions attendance to be reduced by 25%
to 75 patrons allowing larger social distancing between tables,
temperatures to be taken on arrival
* Patrons attending the Sunday Sessions will be permitted on
the condition of completing all compliant contact details +
health & travel questionnaire declaration to be completed

3-5 Beaumont Street HAMILTON NSW 2303

e: gallipoli@gallipolilegionclub.com.au

p: 02 4961 2430 

MONDAY - Closed

TUESDAY - 12pm - 10.30pm

WEDNESDAY -12pm - 8.30pm

THURSDAY - 12pm - 10.30pm

FRIDAY - 12pm - 11pm

SATURDAY - 12pm - 11pm

SUNDAY: 12pm - 7.30pm