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In the early 1950's, the President of the Newcastle Branch of the Gallipoli Legion of ANZAC's, Mr Jack Buxton, realised an opportunity and with the help of the President of the Newcastle Jockey Club, Mr Jack Hibbers, they applied for, and were granted permission to conduct the first race meeting held in Australia on Anzac Day. The proceeds went to the Gallipoli Legion of Anzacs. This continued for 3 years.

With the help of the Rats of Tobruk Association, who had been "adopted" by the Legion as "the Sons of Anzac", they were able to purchase a property, build a club house and apply for a club and liquor license, which was granted.


The Gallipoli Legion Club was officially opened on 12th November 1955 by Lt. General Sir Leslie Morshead. The Gallipoli Legion Club was erected as a memorial to the men of ANZAC who served in World War One.

'The Gallipoli Legion of Anzacs Committee last night adopted a plan for "Gallipoli House," the Legion's new clubrooms to be built in Beaumont-street, Hamilton, at a cost of about £18,000. The plan shows a 58ft. by 35ft. two-storied brick building with recreation room (25ft. by 37ft.), kitchen, bar, bar lounge, billiards room and offices. The legion's honorary architect (Mr. C. Hay) said the building would have a modernistic front with an aluminium facade mounted by the legion's emblem in porcelain enamel. He would call tenders in a few weeks.

The President (Mr. J. Buxton) said the clubrooms would belong to the legion, but be shared by the Newcastle Rats or Tobruk and associate associations. The legion had decided that while one Anzace lived, the legion would own the club, but when the legion terminated with the dealth of the last member, the clubrooms would be taken over by the Rats of Tobruk and associate associations. He said it was hoped the new clubrooms would opened by the Governor-General (Sir William Slim) before next Anzac Day.' - Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, 21 October 1954.

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